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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Stress and nursing practice Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Task: discuss a case that defined you as a nurse.
the sample is a bout the case that defined a nurse, debriefing, importance of debriefing and process of debriefing.


Institution Affiliation
Patients or patient's next of kin explicating their sincere gratefulness for saving the life of their loved one is not as satisfactory as one or more experiences gained as a nurse. Experiences are significant reminders on the effects of our task on the members of our community. Even though being a nurse is what most individuals love most, the profession is faced with its challenges and stressors, and at times persons find it challenging to practice self-assertiveness in some of the nursing tasks they perform. Nurses go through unique journeys that make them defined in their profession. Along the journey are moments that remain with nurses throughout their careers. Cases that define a nurse can be personal experiences, successes and failures, relation with patients, among others. They can modify the area of specialization of a nurse, can change how a nurse provides attention to a patient or even the shift a nurse prefers to work.
The case that defined a nurse
Rose had just taken her first nursing position as a student in practice, fresh from college, and full of self-confidence. A nursing home offered her a chance to practice her career, and she gained experience through other nurses, who were also new to the nursing home setting. According to her understanding, the nursing home is meant for old aged people who required to be watched and given much help. It was apparent that her idea of a nursing home was not bringing out excitement.

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