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The Cause and Effects of Eating Junk Food Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


The increasing cases of lifestyle diseases are a true testimony of the harmful effects of consuming junk foods on human beings' health.


The Cause and Effects of Eating Junk Food
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Cause of Eating Junk Food
Despite the negative effects of eating junk food, millions of individuals worldwide continue to consume these foods on a daily basis. The question that lingers on is why individuals still consume junk food despite the obvious negative health effects. First and foremost, junk foods tend to be tasty, fulfilling, and cheap (Wells, 2018). In the contemporary world, food manufacturers have come up with several methods of preparing and manufacturing food products that not only appeal to people's taste buds but are also cheap to acquire. This factor attracts a lot of people that are looking to enjoy cheap treats on vacation and day-outs. As such, junk food affordability is the first primary reason that individuals all across the globe prefer them to conventional food. Researchers from the University of Colorado found out that it costs three times to have a healthful diet as it does to consume junk food and other varied, fast food products in the United States (Wells, 2018).
The other most significant factor that attracts people to junk food despite their obvious health effects is junk food convenience (Wilson, & Radel, 2010). Unlike most traditional food items, fast-food and junk food products are typically easy for one to grab and take with them. The ease comes as a drawback for most individuals and most, so individuals who work for long hours and that require grabbing a snack on the go (Wilson, & Radel, 2010). In the contemporary world, junk food is found in virtually every supermarket and convenience store worldwide. Chain stores such as McDonald's in the United States have been placed strategically outside mass gathering places like schools, thus providing meals to individuals in just under a minute. As studies have found, today in the United States, one in three Americans consume junk food every day thanks to convenience and affordability factors.

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