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Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Signs & Symptoms of Dyslexia (Essay Sample)


what is Dyslexia
the paper must be organized as below:
signs and symptoms of Dyslexia
causes of Dyslexia
types of Dyslexia
Diagnosis of Dyslexia
Management and Treatment of Dyslexia
APA style, TIMES NEW romans, font 12.
the essay must have AT LEAST three REFERENCES
should be single spaced


Intuitional Affiliation
Dyslexia is one of the common learning disorders causing difficulty in speech sounds, reading as well as relating words and letters. Children without the learning disorder do not have a cognitive or intellectual disability. The disorder is characterized by difficulty in forming words, delayed learning of new words, and problem in learning rhymes (Catts & Hogan, 2020). Dyslexia’s degree varies from mild to severe and also from one person to another. The condition is mostly diagnosed at school age one a child having difficulty in learning. Dyslexia is neurological hence may runs in family lineage. Statistically, 6-11% of people have dyslexia (Reid, 2016). Importantly, early diagnosis and management of the learning disorder reduce its impacts on the affected people.
Symptoms of Dyslexia
Although symptoms of dyslexia may vary from one person to another based on the degree and age, Galuschka and Schulte-Kцrne (2016) assert that the condition is commonly marked by;-
Difficulty in forming words and letters
Delayed learning of new words
Difficulty in reciting or learning rhymes
Low concentration
Poor coordination
Difficulty is writing sequential numbers and letters
Mispronounce words
Problem of remembering words for a particular topic or object
Causes of Dyslexia
According to most researchers, there is no clear cause of dyslexia. However, the learning disorder has been associated with genetics as it runs in families (Catts & Hogan, 2020). Some studies have asserted that changes in DCDC2 gene result in dyslexia. In addition, some people acquire the condition from birth as a result of stroke or brain injury.
Notably, some of the risk factors of suffering from the learning disorder include injury of the brain, stroke, family history, and alliteration in the DCDC2 gene (Reid, 2016).
Types of Dyslexia
There are several kinds of dyslexia disorder; primary, secondary, trauma, and auditor and visual dyslexia.
Primary dyslexia- is a common kind of dyslexia and hereditary. The type occurs as a result of dysfunction in the cerebral cortex (Galuschka & Schulte-Kцrne, 2016).
Secondary – kind of learning disorder that begins during fetal development. The type tends to diminish with age and more prevalent in boys than girls (Catts & Hogan, 2020).
Trauma dyslexia- results from physical injury of the part of the brain that coordinates learning (writing and reading)
Auditory and visual dyslexia- caused by difficulty in interpreting audio and visual signals. Auditory dyslexia is also known as phonological dyslexia (Reid, 2016)
Diagnosis of Dyslexia
Diagnosis of dyslexia is complex. It implies that effective assessment of learning disorders involves psychologists and other health professionals. The first test is to determine how reading level and compares to the reading potential (Catts & Hogan, 2020). A further test is to determine the ability of a child or a person to take in and process information. Therefore, three tests are essential; auditory (hearing information), visual (looking at information), and kinesthetic (doing something) (Reid, 2016). Some of the tests used are but are not limited to the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, WISC-III, Wechsler Individual Achievement Tests, Motor-Free Visual Perception Test, and Test of Auditory Perception.
Management and Treatment of

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