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Nutrition and Wound Healing (Essay Sample)


Paper details Start the introduction with statistical data quote. Them bring the problem . define calorie intake , and why the problem is important in nursing, for example talk about the cost of not addressing the problem. Will need 5 systematic review , talk about how high calorie intake promote wound healing from the 5 systematics review .Systematics review must be less then five years .discussed the right amount of calories intake that can promote wound healing. summary of all articles even if it show a different point of view. Please site all sources. the conclusion is what we have learned from the articles, no personal opinion. This paper is all about the 5 systematic review on the subject.


Nutrition and Wound Healing
Consumption of 17g of arginine for two weeks has been found to enhance collagen production, according to a recent study (Crowe & Brockbank, 2009). But, what is a wound? Brown (2013) suggests that wounds are injuries on tissues or the skin, and are prominent in bony areas. Various factors contribute to the development of wounds, but this paper will evaluate the role of calorie malnutrition. This paper examines how high calorie diet promotes wound healing.
To begin with, the role of nutrition in wound healing cannot be overlooked (Crowe & Brockbank, 2009). These authors noted that malnutrition leads to the development and advancement of wounds. Acton (2010) has seconded this notion. Acton substantiates her argument by highlighting findings from other studies. Acton (2010) indicates research has shown that nutritional support, especially protein-rich oral supplements, are essential in minimizing the chances of developing wounds in high-risk individuals.
Enteral and oral nutritional support is of vital significance according to Crowe and Brockbank (2009). A randomized study that was centered on arginine analyzed how nutritional support can be employed in the management of wounds. Twenty-six percent of participants recorded a reduction in incidences of pressure ulcers (Crowe & Brockbank, 2009). This finding points out the significance of nutritional support. Arginine is an essential amino acid. It has various functions in the body. First, arginine is a precursor for protein synthesis. Secondly, it promotes positive nitrogen balance and cell proliferation, as well as, collagen deposition, Furthermore, arginine boosts T-lymphocyte function. On top of that, according to Acton (2010), Vitamin C is essential; it not only triggers angiogenesis, but also neutrophil function, as well as, collagen synthesis. Besides, mineral supplements rich in zinc are beneficial. This mineral enhances cellular growth and replication. As such, the lack of zinc in diet limits protein and collagen formation.
Research has shown that if better results have to be realized, diet must have calories, fluids and essential minerals and vitamins (Saha et al., 2013). According to Saha et al. (2010), calories are a rich source of energy, and this reduces weight loss. Besides, proteins are required during tissue maintenance and repair. Furthermore, according to Stechmiller (2010), fluids must be included in the diet because they boost the functioning of cells. Stechmiller (2010) contends that the dehydration, which is a risk factor for pressure ulcers, can arise in the case of fluid malnutrition. Vitamins, fluids and minerals, must all be included in the diet in order to register quick wound healing (Stechmiller, 2010). Protein calories are the most significant because they not only provide energy, but also assist in tissue regeneration. However, care should be taken so that daily calorie ingestion is within the expected range.
In conclusion, malnutrition is a risk factor for wound development. Wound healing is dependent on nutrition as pointed out by the aforementioned researches. Nutritionists suggest that if notable wound healing has to be realized, high calories alone will not be helpful, fluids and e...
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