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3 Branches Of The Us Government: Executive, Legislative And Judiciary (Essay Sample)


the task sets out to discuss about the three branches of the US government. The three branches include; the legislative, the judiciary and the executive.

Three Branches of Government Name Institution Three Branches of Government The essay discusses the three branches of US government. Theoretically, the three branches, which include the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary are created to ensure checks and balances, especially in preventing one branch from exercising too much power over the other (Kowalski, 2017). Essentially, the functions of the three branches enhance democracy; preclude dictatorships and authoritarian regime practices. In addition, they all work to keep the country a better place, by ensuring that capitalism and democracy remains fair to the masses. Nonetheless, the workings of the three branches are demonstrated through the Presidency, Supreme Court and Congress. To comprehend why issues are done this way, it is paramount to recognize the responsibilities for each branch. In reality, this arrangement brings to the fore the argument that Americans subsist in a nation, which is theoretically run by the entire population that then elect people to champion their aspirations. Executive While the president has the constitutional mandate to lead the executive branch of the US government for a period of 4 years, he does not wield unlimited power to rule the country. The powers of the president are deliberately curtailed to ensure they do not create a leader that has the monopoly over every single entity of the federal authority (Kowalski, 2017). In addition, the Vice President backs the president on numerous issues as part of the Executive branch and becomes a liaison with the Senate. However, the president can reject some bills that were not passed by Congress, which implies that the president enjoys certain powers at the disadvantage of members of other branches (Wilson, 2017). Judiciary The Judiciary comprises of the Supreme Court and the justices. Moreover, the judiciary is responsible for ensuring that laws are consistent with the US Constitution. While the president nominates judges, they have to be approved by majority members of the Senate. The judiciary also ensures that that the US law-making structure is not only correct but also fair, in the name of democracy as well as justice. Furthermore, the judicial branch ensures that the nation operates within a legal structure when providing Americans with their constitutional rights. This branch has the power to determine if particular laws can be integrated into the everyday lives of the US citizens. For instance, the justices of the Supreme Court ruled against the unconstitutionality of the federal government ban on same-sex marriages (Stern, 2015). Although these cases were unique to Michigan, Kentucky, Kentucky and Ohio, the Supreme Court’s decision focused on the constitutional rights of federal move to ban same across the US. Legislative The legislative branch encompasses the US Congress. Collectively, the legislature chooses the US laws and what establishes the Constitution that is regularly amended to mirror the present society and its citizens. The l...
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