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The Legacy Of Ronald Reagan: What Makes His Era One Of A Kind? (Essay Sample)


It was simply about Ronald Reagan. His contribution and life and what makes his era one of a kind.

The Legacy of Ronald Reagan Institution Name Date When discussing the legacy of Ronald Reagan, one crucial issue is the introduction of the ‘Reagan era'. When it existed and the contribution it had from then till now. What developments it brought and who were involved in it. Earlier this year, the United States of America celebrated Ronald Reagan's 107th birthday. Ronald Reagan also referred to as ‘the great communicator' was an American president, he served America for about eight years and he was the 40th president. Apart from the leadership skills that scholars have researched and concluded about Reagan, one key idea is his contribution towards the end of the cold war. During his reign, he brought back to order and a change of ideologies among people (Cannon, 2018). The Reagan era is composed of the significant changes that Reagan brought during his time in office. Taking a peak on the American economy at the time; In the 70's life in the United States was unbearable; high taxes, poverty, and crimes in the streets (Pines, 2018). Reagan stepped in and lowered the rates making it favorable for entrepreneurs and giving them a chance to grow. However, even though the tax decrease and the strict interest brought about a smooth sailing in the economy, it also left the country deep in debts. This may be explained by the fact that under his leadership, he managed to decrease the big income tax rate from 70% to 28% among his citizens (Cannon, 2018). Another possible explanation is that Reagan invested a lot of finances in his military; he believed by so doing, the power will help the United States restore its glory. This particular approach bore some protests from the U.S. citizens who reasoned that the nuclear weapons that were invented at the time would only bring more war and differences between then and the other nations. In 1985 Mikhail Gorbechev interpreted the Reagan system quite differently and under his new leadership, the Soviet Union reached out to the United States. The aftermath of this step in 1987 was that Mikhail withdrew his team from the states that the Soviet Union controlled and also from Afghanistan and in return Reagan stopped the creation of the nuclear gadgets. In addition to this agreement, other adjustments were made and in a period of four years after Reagan's term ended, the Soviet Unions dispersed, bringing an end to the cold war (Reagan, 1990) During this era, another signified development Reagan brought was the many friendships he formed. Reagan was a leader who believed that changes of perceptions that people held would bring positive outcomes. This made him offer his military support to the countries that still had not succeeded in the fight against communism. A good example is his venture into Nicaragua in 1979. Ronald Reagan was of high spirits and very accommodat...
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