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Aboriginal Women in Canada (Essay Sample)


The paper focused on the plight of Aboriginal Women in Canada. it revolves around violence against aboriginal women in canada


Violence against Aboriginal women in Canada
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Aboriginal Women in Canada
Topic: Violence against Aboriginal women in Canada
Justification of database search
The Newspapers were selected from Vancouver Sun and CBCnews. The two databases provide the current violence experienced by Aboriginal women and young girls in Canada. Vancouver Sun and CBCnews are major newspapers in Canada and thus provide sufficient and reliable information. They publish well evaluation information to ensure the public is informed on current issues affecting the country. The reports published on the two newspapers depicting violence issues against Aboriginal women in Canada are sufficient since they come from different sectors in the country. In this case, the two databases are a reliable source of information to the readers. In addition, Vancouver Sun and CBCnews newspapers are reliable since the information displayed in them can be found in the public domain. The two databases account the real events that happen in the society.
On the other hand, one of the articles was selected from Phoenix library and the other one from Ebscohost library. These two databases have numerous peer-reviewed articles that provide a clear image of violence issues encountered by Aboriginal women in Canada. They are thus reliable source since the information provided fit to what is already known. Well-known authors are also involved in the research conduction. In this case, their information confides with what have been studied previously. In addition, the information in these databases is not bias since it reflects what is in the limelight of the society. The researcher has nothing to gain in this research, but aims at enlightening the readers. In this case, articles found in Phoenix and Ebscohost libraries are reliable to learners.
Annotated Bibliography
Brownridge, A. D. (2003). Male Partner Violence Against Aboriginal Women in Canada. Journal Of Interpersonal Violence, 18(1), 65.
This article offers a presentation of a survey that sought to investigate the extent of the male partner violence that prevails against Aboriginal women in Canada. This article presents an analysis on the issue of violence against aboriginal women. According to this survey, details suggest that, in Canada, there is a high likelihood for aboriginal women to experience severe violence as compared to non-Aboriginal women. The study provides a discussion that suggests an increased likelihood of violence against aboriginal women due to the significance of common law.
Crawford, T. (2013, April 30). UN report finds Canada not doing enough to stop violence against aboriginal women. Vancouver: The Vancouver Sun.
This newspaper gives a report of violence of Aboriginal women in Canada. According to this report, The United Nations Human Rights Councils has pointed out that the federal government of Canada has failed in addressing violence against Aboriginal women. This is due to the rising number of disappearance and murder to Aboriginal women over the last four decades. The newspaper has thus reflected on the persistent insecurity encountered by women and girls of the Aboriginal group.
Harper, A. O. (2006). Is Canada Peaceful and Safe for Aboriginal Women? Canadian Woman Studies, 25(1), 33-38.
This scholarly reviewed article has reflected on serious human rights issues hosted by Canada against Aboriginal women. According to the author, Aboriginal women living in Canada are subject to the high rate of violence. Racialized violence in this country is highly targeting Aboriginal women. This has led to the disappearance and murder of many Aboriginal women of the years.
The Canadian Press. ( 2013, September 19). Canada nixes UN review of violence on aboriginal women. Canada rejects UN rights panel call for review of violence on aboriginal women. Canada, Manitoba: CBCnews.
In this article, four countries namely Russia, Belarus, Iran, and Cuba criticized Canada for its failure to develop an inclusive national review to ending violence against aboriginal women in Canada. According to allegations laid forth by Belarus, Canada has demonstrated very little efforts to curb child prostitution. On the other hand, Russia does not seem to understand why Canada upholds brutal beatings within cells, as one of its (Russian) national is a victim. This article maintains that Canada is a typical example of a nation where aboriginal women experience violence among other forms of social injustices.
Comparison of scholarly articles and popular sources  
Harper’s journal titled “Is Canada peaceful and safe for Aboriginal women” talks of the direct negative effects that face aboriginal women in Canada. One of the central topics discussed in this article is the issue of disappearances and murder encountered by most aboriginal women in Canada. This article embraces a unique style of conveying its message to the world, which is the most important audience. Through this article, the author hopes that the world will understand that the extreme racial violence prevailing against aboriginal women in Canada is a complex issue (Harper, 2006). This is inherently because murder and disappearances that results from this violence affects the family members and friends. Consequently, the entire society is affected through for instance, increased number of children without mothers.
This article resembles that of “the male partner violence against aboriginal women in Canada” since the two articles are addressing the world. Throughout the discussion in these articles, it is clear that the authors present inner details regarding violence in Canada. This style is aimed at enlightening the public on the seriousness of violence against women in Canada (Brownridge, 2003). The CBC newspaper approaches the issue of violence against aboriginal women in Canada from an international point of view (The Canadian Press, 2013). In this case, four nations present their discontent about how Canada is addressing this issue. These countries assert that, for a long time, Canada has been reluctant in formulating an effective policy to safeguard aboriginal women from violence. This newspaper hopes that the United Nations can intervene in this matter by helping to curb this kind of violence in Canada. The Vancouver Sun newspaper takes an approach similar to Harper’s article. This newspaper presents a demonstration in which over 500 aboriginal women have encountered violence (Crawford, 2013).
Summary of the article
The article indicates that Aboriginal women in Canada are the major victims of grave violation of human rights. The federal government has do...
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