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American Civil Rights Movement (Essay Sample)

<p>Project description Part B. Short-Answer Questions Answer all short-answer questions. Responses to each short-answer question should be one or two paragraphs long. 1. What are the major components of the philosophy of black nationalism? 2. What were the successes and failures of the National Black Political convention in 1972? 3. What were the reasons for Muhammad Ali\'s refusal to enter the U.S. armed services? 4. What were the new directions for the civil rights movement as defined by Jessie Jackson and Henry Cisneros in their speeches before the 1984 Democratic National Convention? 5. What reforms were the prisoners at Attica seeking before and during the uprising? only one source required. Regards</p> source..

American Civil Right Movement
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Question 1
Black nationalism refers to the fight for racial segregation and separation of black people and it advocated for self-governance among the black people. The major philosophical component of black nationalism were economical, political and social in nature. Social philosophy were for unity, peace and harmony among the black people. Political philosophy called for a fair representation of African- American in the congress whil...
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