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Consequences of world war 2 (Essay Sample)

<p>The task involved identifying two consequences of World War Two and the consequences to date.</p> source..

Two consequences of World War Two, and whether they are still felt by today's generation.
Castro Ochieng
University of Cambridge
The aftermath of Second World War marked commencement of new way of life for some Nations. Newer superpowers emerged and the face of the world seemed to have changed. The turbulent left historic marks on many nations as will be explored in this essay.
Keywords: World Wat Two, Consequences, today’s generation
Two consequences of World War Two, and whether they are still felt by today’s generation
The upheaval of power struggle among nations in Europe and other parts of the world led to emergence of world war two. This paper seeks to identify two consequences of this war and explore possible repercussions to date. Such struggle between superpowers can always be destructive and ailing. A bid to weaken the Germans and Nazi regime was the causative agent of the war, and it emerged successful after a long struggle. The next few paragraphs discuss the aftermaths of this war.
Human beings seem to be the biggest losers in every war. For every triumph, there will be a victor and a loser. Losses to human beings come inform of deaths, displacements, rape, persecution and other forms of plight. Campbell (1989) explores the statistics from the war and ascertains that indeed many people lost their lives during the war. This is tormenting, no family would love to lose a close member or friend. Plight of women also emerged during this war. Many of them were raped and this could lead to psychological torture and physical injuries they might never recover from. In addition, it is expected that unwanted pregnancies of living children could have occurred. The wars pushed out many families from the comfort of their homes (Campbell, 1989). This is a time you seek refuge anywhere deemed safe. Families separated, and some have never met to date.
The people also had to deal with the abrupt change in economic status. Wars are generally expensive and the involved nations will face inflation to manage the wars. This can be a major setback to people who had earlier invested. Moreover, the distractions from world war two could see someone’s wealth reduced to ashes. This happened during the wars and was a fall to any involved families, something they can still regret today.
On the other hand, it is important to note the technological advancements and innovations that occurred during this war. Countries involve...
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