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Albert Bandura's Ideas Analysis (Essay Sample)


Summarize the major ideas for the following theorist. Input key terms associated with their theories
2)Summarize the major ideas for the following theorist. Input key terms associated with their theories
Albert Bandura
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Albert Bandura's Ideas
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Albert Bandura's Ideas
Albert Bandura is a Canadian American psychologist who is regarded as the greatest psychologist in the world. He is responsible for his contributions to education and many other fields that include social cognitive theory, therapy and personality psychology. He was also instrumental in behaviourism and cognitive psychology concepts. Additionally, he is the originator of the theory of social learning, currently referred to as the social cognitive theory. Bandura also used the Bobo Doll experiment to demonstrate observational knowledge, which introduced children to learn through observing adult behaviour. Bandura's social learning theory spells out the difference between cognitivism and behaviourism. This theory entails behaviour reinforcement from intellectual processes such as memory and attention (Bandura & Hall, 2018). This theory encompasses an explanation concerning the way we learn when in social contexts.
Albert Bandura's Ideas
The Four Principles of Social Learning
Bandura's theory suggests that children learn through the observation of others. There are four principles to this theory. Firstly, Bandura indicates that attention is of the essence in learning. One can't learn if one is not focused on a specific task. If they see something as novel or different, they are more likely to focus on attention. The second principle is retention, whereby one can learn by storing information in memory. After that, they can recall it at a later time in response to a situation. The situation must be similar to th

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