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The Heart Of Pennsylvania Is The Amish Community, Amish Genome Reading (Essay Sample)


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Amish Genome Reading
In the heart of Pennsylvania is the Amish community composing of creative people characterized by iconic handmade clothes and the horse–drawn carriages. The emergency of modern medical technology has played a great role in the lives on many residents like the Hoover’s family (Ali et al. 28). The Amish are at the forefront of genomic medicine because of the major steps they undertook to better the healthcare institutions. They put up the clinic for special children to work on DNA sequencing and personalized genomic medicine. This followed the diagnosis of an Amish six–year old patient by Morton, who found out the kid had glutamic type 1 (GA-1) caused by defect in enzymes that digest proteins.
Genomic medicine has built hope in diagnosis of rare diseases through genetic analysis and establishment of any occurrences of gene mutation. For the first time in 2010, Rayon, son of Leon and Linda Hoover got his mysterious illness diagnosed through genome sequencing. The diagnosis process is always long and the invention of the thousand-dollar genome and million dollar interpretation projects by Eric Toprol has aided to nature the cause and roots of DNA variation (Garner, et al. 33). Inside the Amish and the Mennonite, we have an insulated population that is less exposed to genetic mutation reducing the numbers of gene variation. The established children clinic is not only a lab but also a good establisher of a cohesive community relationship. It is easy to trace any forms of genetic variation because the history of families is well known. The researcher found it appropriated to study genetic mutation in an isolated population.
Genomic medicine can help in saving lives of people diagnosed when they are below 24 years through transplanting of compatible bone marrow, the mutations can be isolated or dissolved. Most genetic disorder makes the victim unable to fight various infections e.g. the SCID (Garner, et al. 33). Besides this defects, Morton and Strauss examined patients from 27 more communities and uncovered around 15root causes of genetic disease. This was greatly influence by tracing the founder population of a certain community and analyzing the trend in genetic composition through genome sequencing.
Research shows that integration of clinic and the laboratory makes it easy for the gnomists to establish the roots of genetic disorders. This is the major cause to the failure of the million dollar project interpretation. The techniques employed by the clinic already work in the middle East and Ireland for consagenious population (Ali et al. 28). To make sure the model of the clinics become useful, it’s good to understand the gene pool of each population. To demonstrate that mutations are the center for such incurable infections, a group of neuroscientists are working together to find the biological sequen...
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