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Description Of The Role Of Women In Politics In US (Essay Sample)



Roles of Women in Politics and other Affairs in USAIntroduction;Power has been always bestowed among men in most countries in the world today. This is not the case in the United State of America. Women have risen to the occasion and beat the odds in most sectors of development such as politics, economics among other fields. These women play a significant role in decision making, leadership position and offering services to US citizens in various capacities. Among these notable women includes Hillary Clinton, Valarie Jarrett and Nancy Pelosi. Some of their contributions to the US government include the following:
Hillary Clinton, born in the year 1947 has gained tremendous achievement in her career as an American lawyer and politician as well. Her political mileage is traced way back in the year 2001 when she served as a senator for a period of 8 years. She was later appointed as US Secretary of State. In the year 2016 general election, Ms. Clinton was the nominee of the Democratic Party aspirant in the presidential docket.As Senator, Clinton constantly pushed for major reforms in the provision of healthcare and she remained vocal in agitating on the rights of children. She managed to secure the position of serving in senatorial committee in the Armed service committee. While at this committee, she was alarmed on how the then US president George W. Bush conducted affairs in handling Iraq War. She published a book, Living History, which it was a bestselling. This enriches her life thus gaining more prominence and winning hearts of US and world populations.
In a tenure as Secretary of State, she remained committed and dedicated to her work. Needless to say, she fosters a better foreign relationship with outside world. Later in 2015, Clinton joined the race in championing the presidential seat. However, she was faced with many challenges including her political opponents whom they disregard her ideologies. Also, an email scandal which was surfaced online against her hinders and distracted her attention while campaigning for the presidency. (Sheri 2007)
Valarie Jarrett was an advisor to the immediate former president Barack Obama. She played a crucial role in US policy-making agenda. Former President Obama benefited from her range of knowledge including governance in security details. Ms. Valarie was held accountable in several offices situated within the White House, some of these offices were Urban Affairs and Office of Public Engagement. The lady was regarded as an eye and ear to the president.
Nancy Pelosi is another American renown figure in the political...
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