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Capitalist pyramid structure History Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Here are two images from the late 19th century labor struggles. The one that looks like a cake purports to describe how Capitalist society is structured. Your job is to determine if it was 'real' then, in whole or part. And also to decide if it has any similarities to today.
The second one is a political cartoon from the Industrial Workers of the World, the IWW. The meaning is pretty obvious but it mentions the One Big Union and I'd like you to investigate that idea. The Knights of Labor were into the OBU, and the IWW picked up on it.
Three or four paragraphs should be good. But write carefully okay?


The Capitalist Society & One Big Union
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The 19th-century Capitalist pyramid structure concentrated power in the hands of minority capitalists (the rulers). According to the capitalist image, the upper section of the pyramid is the rulers who prioritized profits over social goods; it was the engine of corruption, inequality, and economic instability (Giddens & Giddens, 1973). This section of the pyramid is true. The current society mirrors the capitalist upper structure. The current society entails a class of elites who are only concerned with maximizing their wealth by securing political systems that protect and serve their interests.
Similarly, the capitalist society fooled the people into believing that it was a good idea for people to earn more which could lead to wealth and income inequality, the majority working class were exploited. This ignores the diminishing marginal utility assets or wealth. Alternatively, the capitalist system contributed to a series of busts and booms which led to mass unemployment and recession (Giddens & Giddens, 1973). The monopoly and monopsony of power in the current society creates inequality in the society making the rich richer and the poor poorer similar to the 19th-century capitalist system.

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