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Cesare Deccaria (Essay Sample)


This paper talks about how Cesare Beccaria introduced the concept of reason and humanity in the criminal justice system in the eighteenth century


Cesare Beccaria
Date Cesare Beccaria
In the eighteenth century, the death penalty excited widespread horror and fear in all European countries. The rate of torture was quite high since methods of state murder meant that victims would undergo slow and painful strangulation on the gallows. Besides this, their limbs would also be torn apart during torture. The death penalty cast its ominous shadow everywhere, and this meant that it would not only deal with very serious crimes, but also minor crimes like stealing someone’s handkerchief would lead to the death penalty. The criminal systems around the world became very serious in a way that torture became a universal form of punishment regardless of whether a country was considered civilized or not (Schulz, 2007).
In many countries such as Italy, France, and Russia, secret accusations were endemic, and these forms of punishment were done behind closed doors. After seeing the enforcement of this law, a man called Cesare of Beccaria challenged the status quo. His main intention was to change this ruthless form of punishment that looked more of vengeance, and long-standing customs from the past with a scientific approach based more on humanity, and reason. With his bravery, Cesare Beccaria came up with his seminal work on crimes, and punishments, which became the first theory of penal law, and it continues to provoke fresh thinking about criminal justice today.
Beccaria studied law, and as he was still studying, he had the issue of criminal punishment in mind because he believed that he could make a change on the criminal procedure. Cesare declares that penal, laws, and otherwise ought to be written in a language that is understood by people. This helped a lot when interpreting the message that explained the nature of crime that victims committed without making unnecessary assumptions. Through this, it becomes easier to interpret information, and judge the results. Most of the rules of criminal justice system emanated from the laws that Beccaria introduced, and since these laws focus on human rights, modern criminal justice systems continues to implement them. His success in the eighteenth century was so great, and in the modern world, we have accepted the changes he inspired without having the upheaval thoughts in mind (Beccaria, 2009).
Beccaria is among the first people who offered a solution to criminal justice issues after the world thought that brutality was the only solution to these issues. The concept of human rights had not been understood clearly in the eighteenth century, and this is why Beccaria was able to introduce the ideology of humanity, and reason to solve criminal cases. The approach that Beccaria took has helped in many ways since it entails solving issues that have changed generations. It would be an absurd folly to expect such a revolution, which would be effected by very violent means, and hold out an uncertain prospect of compensation. In conclusion, it is easy to deal with issues on crimes, and capital punishment because there is no much use of torture.
The present generation is a fortune because Beccaria offered solutions to most of the issues that would be absurd if no solutions were found...
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