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Childe, "Period IV: The Early Bronze Age" History Essay (Essay Sample)


summarize the article Childe, "Period IV: The Early Bronze Age" into 300 words


Childe, "Period IV: The Early Bronze Age"
The early Bronze Age began about 2600 BC is defensible and collaborated to the orient bronze works from Egypt and Mesopotamia in 2600 BC. This period was characterized by the unity created by the metallurgical industry and commerce. The local bronze-smiths made ornaments in Hungary, enhanced by the proximity of the North to Bakony, the Carpathians to Erzgebirge, and trade across the Brenner, metal industry.
Early Bronze Age economy of Central Europe had specialized miners, smiths, and traders who exploited copper lodes near Saalfeld and Vogtland made tin casts. This were distributed through regular class of itinerant merchant-artificers, through routes defined by merchants from Darubian traditions stock in trade, routes from Jutland, and East Prussia to the Saale Valley, Bohemia across the Brenner to Upper Italy and the Aegean. It united to whole Central Europe in a single economic system with ramifications across the North Sea to the Baltic and the Aegean.

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