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Impact of German language and Christianity in Central Europe (Essay Sample)


Impact of German language and Christianity in central Europe.

Role played by German language and Christianity in central Europe
German culture began long time ago and it has been shaped by many popular and intellectual currents in Europe. Many cultural institutions have help to spread the language in Germany. West Germanic language is the standard language that is almost related and classified to English. Most of the Germany vocabularies are driven from the Indo-European language branch. German is one of the most learned languages in the Europe countries. Indeed, Germany language has led to great impact to central Europe (Johannes 2006 p 32)
Germany language has led to development of very wealthy cultural heritage in central Europe. It is through this literature that many people in Central Europe came to understand the beliefs, attitudes, values, and cultural practices of the Germans. Much writing in German language spread the information of Germans architectures and art work and the way it has been changing from the past to the modern times (Howard & Franklin, 2012 p 32).
In addition, German language enhanced effective and efficient performance in business. This is because the advertisers could easily communicate with the wide range of customers with the language they understood most. This literature has also increased the job opportunities to all Central Europe residents regardless of their native language provided they had clear understand and mastery of Germen language thus improved the standard of livings to all people living in this region.
Also, this language broadened the exchange programme opportunities to all universities not only in Central Europe but also in all universities in the world that are proficiency in this language. It has also led to scholarships that are given to the young foreigners who perform exemplary in this literature. It has also enabled many people to carry out wide range of research in German language that has brought great impact to the growth and development of central Europe (Johannes 2006 p 32).
Also, Christians have taken the advantage of the German literature and invention printing to spread the new to all residents living in central Europe. Authors wrote books and secular literatures that that was quickly spread all over the central Europe in inform people about the message of Christ. Philosopher writings also made the people to see the logic part of the Christian gospel. As a result most of the Muslim got converted to Christianity (Koch, 2010 p 23).
Gutenberg’s invention printing speeded the spread of the bible gospel to the wide range of people in the central Europe. He used Cooper matrixes and punches to disseminate the news rapidly. As a result, his massage influenced the enforcement of the new law. The central Europe passed the canon law then Theology and humanities studies were introduced in the universities. This was to help the student understa...
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