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crisis in the Gulf region (Essay Sample)


crisis in the Gulf region

The crisis in the Gulf region, started on the morning of August 2rd 1990 when the Iraq republican guard invaded Kuwait and immediately took control of the oil wealth country. During this period there had been several attempts to try and convince the Iraq government to peacefully withdraw from the war to no avail. This war did not take very long before it was put to a stop on the 28th February 1991.The war did not last for a very long time but it sure did have adverse effects to the American history. The operational desert storm which was originally known as the operational desert shield had its allied forces begin the most powerful assault in history. There was a great number of the American Citizens who lost their lives during this war.
This clearly was the first war to be shown live on air as it happened by the media houses. The air strikes were reported on Iraq were reported as they happened and this was why the fight was seen to have started earlier in the media than even it occurred physically since this marked the beginning of the Persian War also known as the gulf War (Suzanne pg 4). Both Kuwait and Iraq had staged their stand through the media although the Kuwait government was striving very hard to have their case get to be heard internationally. On the other hand Iraq believed that they had a strong people cooperation among the citizens as well as recognized media personnel who could pave the way for effective media reign (Suzanne pg 5). The Iraq invasion to Kuwait which was known to be a small country angered the people all over the world and this made Kuwait to win the media war. This media war was mainly reflected indirectly but the afterwards so many people lost their lives in order to try and prove a point. This war turned out to make both countries to be on the losing end. A lot of finances were used up as ach country tried to conger the other and in the process a lot of blood was shed. The gulf region where the vast oil resources were located ended up undergoing some major landscape changes that were signified both politically and environmentally following the war between the two countries. Just like so many other wars that had occurred worldwide, this one was not an exception since it also had its share of catalyst that helped to steer on the conflict. If the two countries could have successfully avoided the confrontations by solving the case diplomatically but even after several attempts by the UN to bring peace, Sadaam Hussein stubbornly refused to withdraw his troops. The war only led to very hostile confrontations that were only aimed at the countries’ self interests but not to preserve the countries’ resources or the people living there.
Causes and implications of the Gulf war
Kuwait was a small country that was based on the Persian gulf where the vast oil reservoir were located and made the country to become very wealthy (Suzanne pg 5).This had always been a problem for Iraq a it had never really accepted the state of their neighboring country but believed it was just a matter of misplaced locations of the river Euphrates and Tigris. This was a major conflict of the two countries since Iraq led by their leader Saddam Hussein did not accept the country’s status. The other major factor that contributed to the gulf war was the tension that was mainly created over the ownership of the oil grounds reserves as well as the borders. This was because the Iraq government believed that these were their territories and that the Kuwait citizens were trailing on them illegally. Hussein did not agree with this state of Kuwait. Due to this reason the Iraq could not freely import and export goods along the Persian Gulf. For quite a while Iraq and Kuwait were known to have disputes concerning land, money and oil reserves. . Iraq held its claims that Kuwait was responsible for the depleting prices of oil and significantly this led to serious difficulties to Iraq economy.Sadaam held his claims that he had witnessed an episode where Kuwait had exceeded the OPEC quota which in turn led to the lowering of the oil prices hence making Iraq lose its money (Suzanne pg 7), The exportation of oil was the only major source of income for Iraq.
Saddam initially offered to compensate the Kuwait government for all the looses they had encountered but in vain and this only made him even more angry and he deployed more army to Kuwait and at the moment they were known to be the strongest in the middle East Country. In the early 80’s Iraq had been involved in another war with Iran which was still a neighboring country. This war lasted for eight years and at the end, there was no clear winner and Iraq was left with a great debt to settle. This was also another reason why saddam was so determined to attack Kuwait in the attempt to conger some land and try to clear a part of this debt (Suzanne pg5). This was however did not grant Saddam his wish and only ended creating more human and economic losses. On the 2rd of august 1990, the Iraq troop invaded the capitals of Kuwait which was mainly in two different waves.
The first attack led to the people living in the South Straight to move to the highway in Kuwait City, The following attack the capital city was divided from the Southern half of the country as the war started from the East heading to the West. Most of the attacks were mainly carried out from the sea or from the air base and this was why Iraq took over the two airports and two airbases. The Kuwait fighting troop finally surrendered and gave in to the fight two days later and fled to their neighboring country Saudi Arabia.
Parts of the war
The first part to f the war involved the Iraq’s attack o n Kuwait and how they m...
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