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Development of Slavery: The Period Between 1492 Until 1877 (Essay Sample)


The instructions required one to describe a particular area of American life over the period between 1492 until 1877 in relation to slavery.


Development of Slavery
Development of Slavery
Many people allude to the fact that the American history loosely started developing from the year 1492. This is due to the fact that this was the time when the person who discovered America, Christopher Columbus landed in America particularly in the Caribbean. A vast majority of the European countries had to battle it out with each other in order for them to settle in the newly discovered country. The African slaves and the Native Americans were caught in the cross hairs during this supremacy battle between the European states as to who had right over the territory. The American republic was subsequently put in place between 1763 and 1789 after the long struggle and was largely under the British protectorate. During this era, the America was under the colonial rule and had very minimal autonomy over its internal affairs.
The colonial era in the American history was the point in time where slavery was at its prime. This is due to the fact that there was a sudden influx in trade and the industrial revolution increased the demand for labor within the country and in the European states that had conquered America ("African Slavery in Colonial British North America", 2016). There were a lot of controversies surrounding slavery and these stemmed from the mode of acquiring them to the manner in which the slaves worked for the homesteads, farmyards, and businesses of their masters ("Introduction to Colonial African American Life", 2016). Slavery left a considerable impact on the American history and the victims often relate to the struggle their forefathers had to go through before they were finally emancipated. The concept of slavery was new to the American society and the Native American were forced to embrace it since it suddenly was forced down upon them by the European colonialists. Slavery was a very unfair labor practice that sought to exploit the African-American into working under very deplorable conditions with very minimal or no pay. The major misgiving about it was the inhumane and degrading treatment that the slaves had to undergo while going about their daily tasks ("Introduction to Colonial African American Life", 2016).
Slavery revolutionalized the American society and one of its hallmarks was the solution is provide...
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