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Effects of World War II History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


effects of world war ii and their consequences on today's generation


Consequences of the Second World War and their effects on today’s generations
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The Second World War is considered the most widespread war in history because it involved over thirty countries. It started after Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 and ended in 1945 after the defeat of Japan and Nazi Germany. The war led to the loss of over fifty million lives across the globe, women empowerment, the emergence of the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as the superpowers, formation of the United Nations, the cold war and notable technological progress. Although the war ended over 70 years ago, consequences such as women empowerment and significant scientific and technological advances are still felt by today’s generations.
The war led to women empowerment. During the war, men were drafted by their respective countries to serve in the armies. Before the war, men dominated the farms, offices, and factories. Recruiting men to serve in armies created a vacuum which was filled by women although most of them had never worked before. The women who filled the gap gained a strong sense of independence and developed self-confidence. When the war ended, and men returned home, women were not willing to give up their jobs; most women enjoyed making their living and minimizing dependence on their sons or husbands or brothers for money; governments were forced to allow women to work and enhance equality in pay (Plowright, 2006).

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