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Human morality based on two moral and ethical theories (Essay Sample)


The task was about human morality based on two moral and ethical theories


Equality and Discrimination
Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues
Equality and Discrimination
The human morality is made of self-interest and the happiness of the greater number of people regardless of who gets hurt. All the moral and ethical theories are based on some form of selfishness, self-interest and the happiness and well-being of the greater number of people.
The strengths of the argument that human morality is made of self-interest and the happiness of the greater number of people. The different moral theories are based on self-interest such as the Egoism that is based on an individual’s personal moral and ethical beliefs are driving by self-interest. The theory of racism is based on a group of people that are only concern with their own self-interest and the happiness of the greater number of people. The racist may be naturally protecting his family or his way of life, nonetheless, it’s still based on self-interest. The theory behind human rights for all people is still driven by self-interest even though their actions are intended to help all people (Urofsky, 2018). The best example is Martin Luther King, Jr’s push for civil and human rights by representing black people. Consequently, his initial motive was for individual interest such as a wider platform for his religious convictions. The intentions of Martin Luther King, Jr. was to help his own race but still, it was self-interest motivated by prejudice. Regardless of the moral or ethical theory presented the moral foundation is self-interest or the happiness of the greater number of people. In contrast, weakness is surrounding the statement that all people based their morals on self-interest. The opposition would those that person self-interest and the greater number of peoples happiness do not have morals. They are not concern with what is right they are concerned with what makes them happy regardless of who gets hurt or faces discrimination.

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