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Evaluating the Book of Martin Luther King Jr. (Essay Sample)


This task was an annotated bibliography about nelson mandela who was south africa's liberation and independence fighter who led south africa to independence and thus later became south africa's first elected leader. in the annotated bibliography, it is seen that he is highly regarded for being an exceptional leader who called for forgiveness by his people and their colonial masters, an action which led to healing in the country. he is also regarded to be an icon and a hero who leaders in the world can emulate.


Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
Dorrien, G. J. (2018). Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel. Yale University Press.
This book, Written by Dorrien on Martin Luther King Jnr, uses a combination of theology, social ethics, philosophy, politics, and intellectual history fields. The author discusses how the African Americans in their civil rights movements from 1955-1968 rebelled against a century of racial caste in the US. Martin Luther became a celebrated icon by speaking against racial prejudice in the US by condemning its economic injustices to blacks. The author of this book has produced books on Christian socialism and social democratic politics and, therefore, has credibility in writing this book on Martin Luther King. The author concludes that Martin was a leader who stood against injustices in society. The observations I made in this book are that religion played a great role in uniting African Americans to stand and speak against racism and racist castes.

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