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The History of Mongol Empire (Essay Sample)


I was asked to write abou the visit to National Museum of Mongolia, featured by Google Arts and Culture during the COVID 19 pandemic to explore the ancient history of the Mongolian Empire. I was asked to write three pages with minimum of two references. Along with that it has to be APA format in this spacific way.


The Mongol Empire
Mongolian Empire
I virtually visited the National Museum of Mongolia, featured by Google Arts and Culture during the COVID 19 pandemic, to explore the ancient history of the Mongolian Empire. I explored that Mongolians conquered around fifty countries brought together almost half of the population in the world in the 13th and 14th centuries. The territories which they occupied included Siberia to South Asia, from Korean Peninsula to Bulgaria. The Google Arts and Culture exhibits ancient battle equipment, armor, ceremonial banners, and the capital Kharkhorum of the Mongol Empire. The museum displays 300 historical and cultural objects from the 13th-14th centuries and portraits of some great leaders.
Amongst the historical objects, a few came out to be interesting to me. One of these is the “White Banner”. Also called the peace banner, was raised by the leaders during wars to announce peace with the army of the enemy in a battle. The White Banner was made from the tails of white mares. Another historical object in this museum is the “Black Banner”. This banner was particularly used during the wars to concentrate and mobilize the power of all the Mongols towards defeating the army of the enemy. This banner was significant as it stood for the power of an “Everlasting Blue Heaven”. The museum also displays Armored boots. These were made up of calfskin imported from central Asia. These boats had high ides with ties which were secured with the trousers. There is also places a bow and arrow set. The Mongol bow had a distinctive feature of a curved shape. Other battle weapons in Mongolian history had arrowheads, knives, swords, and battle-ax. The most fascinating object in the National Museum of Mongolia is the letter of Peace sent from IL Khan Ulziit to Louis Phillipe. The language of the letter was a Mongolian script of 42 lines long. This letter was sent to the King of France in 1304 stating that the Mongol Empire has been able to bring peace between the people under his rule and now they collectively stand against intruders but they would also like to be at peace with European countries. The last object kept in the museum that I would like to talk about is the Khugshin Teel Monument Stone. This monument has an inscription on it stating the time when King Khubilai and Arigbuh were fighting for the rule. The castle was called Ruins of Khugshin Teel by the locals.

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