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Research History Of Moody Blues: Birmingham England (Essay Sample)


the task was to discuss the history of Moody Blues Band music. this paper has discussed the origin, success and recent work of Moody Blues band music

Moody Blues BandStudent’s NameInstitutionDateMoody Blues
The history of Moody Blues started in Birmingham England, where the only known influential and successful bands during those days were Rebels and the El Riot which was founded by Thomas and Pinder. Notably, Pinder moved out of the group to join the army, but later on, he reunited with Thomas in 1963 and formed Krew Cats. They went to Germany where rock bands especially English bands were the rage, but they did succeed while in Germany. Back from a bad spell in Germany, the two decided to go professional to recruit new members who included Denny Laine the guitarist/ vocalist, Graeme Edge, the band manager who became the drummer and Clint Warwick the bassist. Thomas and Pinder were vocal/harp and keyboardist respectively (Nielsen, 2017). In May 1964, the Moody Blues made their introduction in Birmingham and quickly caught the attention of many people including Tony Secunda who made the contract with the band as the group manager.
After obtaining the service of Tony, an essential tour was booked, and the band got an opportunity in Marquee Club which led to forming a contract with Decca records in England, and this happened in less than six months after the formation of Moody Blues Band (Eder, 2017). In September 1964, the band released its first single known as “Steal Your Heart Away,” but this did not touch the chart in British. However, their second single called “Go Now” which was out in November the same year satisfied the expectation of many people, and it was ranked number one in the UK and making them identified in some top-performing avenues in countries such as “New Musical Express Poll Winners Content.” Being placed as a number ten in America chart, they obtained support act for the Beatles on the trip (Eder, 2017).
Regardless of their songwriting efforts and breakthrough they had to American showpieces, the Moody Blues did not release another version. It is worth mentioning that in 1965 at the end of Spring, the frustration within the band intensify and this made the band to create their fourth single known as “From the Bottom of My Heart” which was done using a different sound. Sadly, this song was placed number 22 on the UK’s chart when it was released in May 1965. Due to the poor performance, Warwick and Laine exited the band in 1966, and they were replaced by John Lodge and Justin Hayward.
The Success of the Band
To keep afloat financially, the Moody Blues played mostly in Europe and recorded singles occasionally. The great success came from Deram Records which needed a long-playing record to market and promote the newly established “Deramic Stereo” in 1967. The proposed project was given to Moody Blues who managed to convince the staff producer to allow them to use a series of their own composition which portrayed a typical day from the dawn in the morning to night. Using the tracks created by the group, and orchestrated by Peter Knight who was the conductor, the album called “The Day of Future Passed” was created and it became the “landmark” in the whole history of the band (Eder, The Moody Blues, 2017). The combination of classical and pop sounds was new at first baffled the record industry, but at long last, the record was issued. Together with other two singles (“Night in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon,” this album was selected straight into musical parts of the Summer of Love, The (Eder, 2017).
In 1970, the band decided to record the albums that they could present in concert. This was meant to reduce their dependence on overdubbing and strengthening up their sounds. In 1972 when the group released their seventh Sojourn, the stress of recording and touring was starting to take its toll. Due to several international tours, the band broke up, and they decided to work individually for five years. During this silent period, Lodge and Hayward recorded an excellent duet album known as “Blue Jays” in 1975, and all members of the band released solo albums (Eder, 2017). However, in 1977 the group decided to reunite, and the aftermath of their reunion was a new album “Octave” released in 1978. Pinder was unhappy, and he exited the band. His exit did not have adverse implication because Patrick Moraz replaced his position. His entry into the group made the album to top the chart.
It is important to point out that the subsequent group’s record, “Long Distance Voyager,” released in 1981 was more famous, but during this time a split was starting to develop between the group and the community. Although they tried to maintain their top position in the chart with single called “In Your Wildest Dream,” the Moody Blues was much far from the cutting point of the music. In the late 1980s, they were seen as a nostalgia act. Regardles...
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