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Immigrant Families: The Problems They Face (Essay Sample)


immigration of families to others areas, the problems they face in their new areas of resident and possible remedy


Immigrant families
The number of refugees and immigrants is on the rise within the USA in recent times. Several states that have been known not to host refugees currently do receive immigrants. The USA government is trying to put everything in place in a bid to control the movement of migrating families. For instance, a fence has been erected to reduce the number of refugees getting into America. However, this has not fully regulated the movement of immigrants who most of the times succeed in entering America.
While many families are moving to America to seek for means of surviving, there are those that move for safety reasons. This is due to the instability experienced in their countries. However, in the process of moving, there are quite a number of challenges that they go through. For instance, the disintegration of the family disintegration, which has profound psychological effects (Dreby 46). Many of the immigrant families do not have a proper command of English. This has made it very hard for them to socialize with Native Americans and get jobs. In addition, going about daily business in America, for instance, buying goods or getting services is quite hard for the immigrant families. In a bid to cope with the problem of language barrier, many of the immigrant families opt to learn English (Sulkowski et al 652). When parents move with their children to the USA, they take them to school. However, things are not very smooth for them in the USA as they experience culture shock. It takes them some time to get used the USA environment. Migrant families have reported how hard it is for their children to learn English and put up with the learning standards in the USA (Rogers-Sirin, Patrice, & Selcuk 14). In several occasions, the children of migrant families are being discriminated against just because they are of a different race and are not able to understand the norm in America.
The hard economic times and the desire for immigrant families to survive pushes them to take any job that is available to them as they wait to rise over the rank with time. Even the educated immigrants do not find it easy to land on jobs like the ones that they had in their countries of origin (Dimitrova, Michael, & Fons 21). This is because many of the employers are keen to employ individuals who have a lot of experience in the USA. They do not approve of certifications of employees from other countries. Many of the immigrants who are not able to understand English have got hard time to get jobs as compared to the literate. Regardless of literacy levels, migrant families are exploited and discriminated against around the working and academic settings (Sulkowski et al 663). For example, they are given dangerous and less desirable roles. Immigrants are fully aware of their rights. However, they are not in a position to defend their rights just because they are in a foreign land and cannot easily speak English. Another problem that the immigrants face is difficulty in getting proper housing. The low paying jobs that some of them secure cannot e

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