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Industrial Revolution: Watershed Moment in Human History (Essay Sample)


this task was about the industrial revolution.The Industrial Revolution was a watershed moment in human history. It transferred civilization from agricultural to industry, using machines to revolutionise manufacture. It resulted in urbanisation, labour unionisation, and social inequity. Inventions such as steam engines and railways hastened globalisation. The emergence of capitalism and the bourgeoisie caused political revolutions such as the French and American Revolutions. Despite problems and disparities, the revolution pushed economic expansion, technology, and social transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the world.


The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution signaled a transition from an agrarian culture to one that was more industrialized, with machines taking the place of manual labor in the production process. This event irreversibly altered the trajectory of human history. It began in Britain in the mid-18th century, bringing about a fundamental change in how commodities were manufactured and made accessible to the general public, opening the door for extraordinary economic expansion, technological advancement, and societal changes that rippled over the globe.
Urbanization's increase was one of the Industrial Revolution's most significant aftereffects. In the quest for work, people began

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