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Marxism and the Oppression of Women (Essay Sample)


Select a quote or passage from two different unit readings and reproduce or cut/paste them at the beginning of your reply. You may use ellipses if your quote or passage is lengthy.
Write a paragraph or two about how the quotes represent an intersection between the readings. The idea is for you to demonstrate the ways in which the themes or other aspects of the readings speak to each other.
no need to cite anything except the reading and what page, dont need cite from anywhere else ONLY the readings that i will provide.
please any questions dont hesitate to ask thanks.
The teacher provided us with four readings i just choice these two, if you find they might not relate i can send you another article.


Women Oppression in the Marxist Lens
“One wonders if women still exist, whether it is desirable that they do, what place they occupy in this world, what their place should be” (Beauvoir, 1949 p 252).
“Women are an oppressed class. Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives” (Kruger, 1989 p 268)
The subjugation of women as second class citizens has been a longstanding trend that has traversed generations going back to antiquity. Both these passages allude to this premise. On the one hand, Beauvoir seeks to understand the place of women in the society. She lays the foundation of her claim that women are often considered the ‘second sex’ on a system of longstanding myths, norms, and practices that have been deeply institutionalized by a patriarchal society for centuries. She notes t

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