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Modern day policing. Discuss about the influence of modern day policing to the society. (Essay Sample)


history assignment to discuss about the influence of modern day policing to the society.


From a historical perspective, policing is characterized by various transformations influencing by the need to enforce positive reforms, address the needs of the people, facilitate crime reduction, and enhance efficiency. The adoption of new laws to address various societal and technological changes is associable with such progress and transformations in policing. Aspects such as the relationship between police departments and members of the communities, irresponsible shootings, and police brutality are significant considerations in contemporary society. Matters concerning the role and essentiality of public cooperation with the police departments realize attention in many states currently. As such, there are distinct eras of policing which are associable with the nature of contemporary policing departments. The paper looks into the significant transformative periods, including the Political, Reform, and Community eras gives an insight into the significant factors associable with the current nature of policing. Besides, the analysis enables one to predict probable transformations in policing to include better-educated officers and managers to police departments, consolidation of the departments towards reducing expenses and bettering services, incorporation of upgraded technology, and advancements of proactive planning techniques.

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