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Richard Feynman is the Greatest Public Speaker of all time History (Essay Sample)


The paper required the student to support the claim that Richard feynman is the greatest public speaker of all time.


The Chief Physicist
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The Chief Physicist
The 20th Century gave rise to various scientific advancements. Resultantly, the scientists that existed then were known each for their ideas, innovations, and unique capabilities. At the top of the list of the greatest physicists was Richard Feynman, whose way of thinking was undoubtedly unique, and still worth recalling. In this paper, Feynman is discussed as the greatest physicist of all time.
His remarks regarding physics and such-related fields were uncommon. In one of his conferences, he spoke words that remain arguable to date. At Cornell University in 1964, Feynman claimed that quantum mechanics was a mystery to every person, including physicists (Ma, 2015). Unexpectedly, someone so knowledgeable in the technical fields would afford to make such a claim. Feynman crafted these words from a unique point of reasoning, that later gets visible. When he spoke those words at the conference, his aimed to give his listeners a positive approach towards mechanics. It meant that they did not have to look at his Physics explanations as “something familiar” (Feynman, Cox, & Ma, 2016). Knowing, thus, that they need not have understood every tiny bit of quantum mechanics, his audience was ready to take in as much as they could.

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