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D. Walker's and W. Lloyd Garrison on Abolitionist Movement in America (Essay Sample)


After reading the primary sources provided below, write an essay addressing the following prompts:
How do David Walker’s and William Lloyd Garrison’s writings reflect the ideas and methodologies of the abolitionist movement in America during the first half of the nineteenth century?
What are the key similarities between the two men’s writings, and what accounts for their key differences?


David Walker's and William Lloyd Garrison on the Abolitionist Movement in America
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David Walker's and William Lloyd Garrison on the Abolitionist Movement in America
During the late 19th century slavery in America, slaves (who were the colored people, primarily the blacks) were treated as part of their owner's property. The slaves were demeaned and treated harshly by their masters. During this period, groups of individuals emerged, and vigorously championed the emancipation of slavery. These people were referred to as abolitionists. The abolitionist, committed to ending slavery in the country, led to the growth of a movement that started with Christian undertones and later developed into a political force. This force was later to be known as the abolitionist movement of the late 19th century. Abolitionists extensively relied on appealing to the people's emotions to spark a revolution against their masters. This paper assesses the materials written by David Walker and William Lloyd, by comparing the writings of the two, including the similarities and differences in how they discuss the ideas and methodologies of abolitionist movements in America.
The Comparison
Key Similarities

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