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Space Race and Rivalry Among US, Russia, and China (Essay Sample)


The space race is on and the americans,chinese and the russians are at war!!


The Deep State of Affairs
School of History, The Catholic University
Eng 101: The US Government and the World
Prof. Magoha Joseph
June 27, 2021
ncik,2013). China has located all their citizens including slaves

Since time immemorial, the issue with the space race has stood as the frontline for war developed countries like Russia, China, and the US yearn to outdo the other. China came to be included in the list as their tech grew exponentially after world war II and they have proved a threat to the latter mentioned Nations(De to work in African countries as constructors and manage the construction of famous roads across the continent of Africa and Asia during this same pandemic that broke in a virologist in Wuhan.
A lot of data was hypothesized and conspiracy theorists had a lot to command during these eras. With the Increased rivalry between the top nations, minor countries were oppressed as they saw their citizens die without significant help to subdue the whole situation. Italians would die up to five thousand deaths recorded in different regions like Venezia was one of the epicenters.

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