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The Abolitionist Women Movements More Focused than Ever (Essay Sample)


magine that you are tasked with writing an editorial for a major 1830s US newspaper defending women’s rights. Your editorial must do
all of the following:
a. Defend the actions of abolitionist women in the public sphere. In other words, make a case for why they should be allowed the
same spotlight and significance as male speakers.
b. Describe how abolitionism has served as a stepping stone to your role in the women’s movement.
c. Articulate how religion has served to increase your role in society.
d. Incorporate information from two primary source documents linked above, describing the significance of each to the argument
being advanced


The Abolitionist Women Movements More Focused than Ever
The last two years leading to 1830 have been so powerful in the history of the Abolitionist movement because of the entry of women into the course. The woman's voice has become increasingly important, overshadowing the dissatisfaction expressed by the woman's social role in the early years of America.
Women work alongside men in national organizations such as the American Anti-Slavery Society. More so, their impact has been profoundly felt in the local societies. We see the active role played by women's society groups such as the Weymouth and Braintree Female Anti-Slavery Society (Chamberlain, 2018). Based on the group’s annual report, the group contributed more money to the antislavery fair, distributed pamphlets and books. It is evident that the movement is becoming even stronger.
At the same time, the religious groups have been instrumental in allowing the women a free space to express their opinion regarding the issue of slavery. The movements are growing more focused than ever, and everyone recognizes the key role women are bringing to the suffrage movement. It indicates that women need to be embraced rather than shunned.

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