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Was the British Empire A Force For Good? (Essay Sample)

writing an academic piece of writing with counter arguments. Bibliography must be included with at least 10 sources. For my position: I don\'t think it was a force for good. Sources 10 source..
Was the British Empire A Force For Good? Name: Institution Introduction There has been a continuing debate on the worldwide societies of the good or evil of the British Empire that ruled most of the world territories. Some argue that the British Empire brought about good ventures into the people they ruled and in most cases being criticized of bringing the evil things into the greater societal world. This is because the Empire had various activities some benefiting the societies surrounding their jurisdictions and others had negative impacts to the people. After gauging different activities carried out in the Empire, this paper has found a necessity to demonstrate the way British Empire was a force of evil, as demonstrated by Brunsman (2013). This research paper achieves to illustrate the different ways the empire is a bad force used to undermine and deteriorate the goodness of the people through different arguments. First, the British Empire started by conquering the territories where there were wealthy resources and work force that they used to exploit for the benefit of the British economy and prestige. Even though their steered the spread of innovated technologies to their colonies, they mis-used such important breakthrough to develop the local economies and improve the living standards of the colonized people. Instead, they used their advanced technologies to exploit the wealth of such territories and its citizens without their knowledge for their personal benefits. Moreover, the development of the infrastructures in the colonial territories was in bad motives, as it was a method of simplifying their way into the interior parts of the rich resources. In other worlds, the improvement of infrastructures was a method of making the exploitation easier to the agents of the British Empire. This includes creating effective accessibilities and transport of rich resources by establishing and constructing better roads and rails to transport heavy materials. The creation of better infrastructure also led to exploitation of local people, as it simplified the organization of the local population through the accessibilities enhancements of the commanding agents (Anker, 2001). The entrance of the British people wishing to invest in the colonial nations was freely allowed to access the resources and wealth of the local regions since they were only interested to build their own economy but not for the host territory (Kim, 2005). In this case, it demonstrated that British Empire was a force created for evil perceptions against the colonized nations and the local people. This is because they were not...
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