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Research Proposal About A Windows Network Services (Essay Sample)


the task was about writing a A Windows Network Services Proposal for a company.


A Windows Network Services Proposal
An Assignment Submitted by
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Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI), a new advertising firm based in Houston, TX and Fredrick, MD requires a solution for configuring their core Information Technology services like Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, disaster recovery solutions, file and storage solutions. WAI is concerned with finding a solution to cater for their needs currently and in future. Now, according to Worldwide Advertising, Inc. requirements stated, there is need for integrating the already functional Windows Server 2012 domain in Houston, TX site with the already functional Windows Server 2008 domain used by their recently acquired Media Guru Group situated in Frederick, MD. These two sites use the server functionalities of different operating system, meaning the domains they use operate at different functional levels where the Houston offices use a Windows Server 2012 functional level whereas the offices at Frederick uses a Windows Server 2003 functional level. In order to use a single main domain and create a way of facilitating the utilization as well as the access of network resources and contents on a worldwide level, there is need for upgrading to Windows 2012 server functional level. This means that the Frederick office must be upgraded to Windows Server 2012 functional level so that both sites can be utilize the same functionality provided by Windows Server 2012 platform.
The design scale is to integrate and configure windows server setting that will allow a secure network communications between Houston and Frederick sites and within their various stated departments. The following are departments as well as staff that are part of the WAI network: Executives department comprises 9 workers, Accounts and Sales department comprises 30 workers, Creative, Media and Production department comprises 49 workers, Human Resources and Finances department comprises 12 workers, and Information Technology (IT) department comprises 5 workers.
* The features of Windows Server 2012.
The Microsoft Corporation has been releasing several Windows Servers operating systems versions which constantly provide its users with improved scalability, performance as well as reliability thanks to the advancements in hardware and technology (Morimoto el at., 2012). The corporation’s latest server environment operating system is Windows Server 2012 which presents new features that improves the platform’s performance. There are several features of this platform that WAI will benefit from. These features include; Server Manager, PowerShell 3.0, Server Core, BitLocker, Hyper-V.
According to Morimoto et al. (2012), these features do the following; the Server Manager feature is an interface (dashboard-like) which allows one to create and manage server groups, to add roles and features, meaning the Information Technology department staff of WAI will able to manage the tasks within each server connected to the network; the feature allows a single management console to manage several servers at local or remote areas, the Server Core feature will provides a way of operating certain roles of the server roles from the command-line prompt, the server core feature uses a screen which aids in security balancing as well as managing it in a flexible way, the BitLocker feature provides the ability to encrypt files and devices as well as recovery password protector support, the Hyper-V manager feature allows management of virtual networls as well as virtual machines, the PowerShell 3.0 feature is responsible for managing and protecting against any disconnection that may arise using a Robust Session Connectivity from a command line prompt.
Additionally, the Active Directory aspect is up to date; it therefore aid in domain controller cloning, in dynamic access control as well as in graphical user interfaces that create powershell commands. In addition, there is provision for Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) where the IP addresses of the entire business entity network are managed from a single terminal/console.
Therefore, the two sites will operate using a similar configuration to allow consistency and fault tolerance. I am also giving these recommendations with an assumption that all connections between the two sites are highly reliable and have been enforced with security measures.
* Active Directory Infrastructure
The two different infrastructures for the two sites will be integrated to enable two-way and fully functional implementation between the two domains, meaning all the users, groups as well as computer system access accounts will be visible and functional from both domain controllers either in Houston or Frederick to enable quick tasks to be done such as replication which occurs frequently.
I therefore recommend implementation of one Active Directory with a primary and a secondary main domain controller that will be based at the Houston office and a RODC (Read-Only Domain Controller) that will be based at the Frederick branch office; this means that a regional domain model setting will be used where one site will be the forest root and the other location delegated as regional domain tree. I recommend delegating the Houston, TX office site as the root domain and the Frederick, MD office site as the regional domain. This model is the best option especially if a company has branches in other geographical regions plus it will allow WAI domain to have stabilized and well maintained network setting over time.
Below figure shows the Active Directory Infrastructure with its parts
Below figure shows the regional domain model
Based on the domain names, the forest root domain which is the Houston site can be named and regional domain which is the Frederick site as The advantage of the regional domain model setting is that any moment a business decides to establish a new office in a new location, a domain can be easily added within the forest by just connecting the new establishment to the entire company’s network.
In addition, a critical aspect within the Wide Area Network is traffic, therefore this traffic between domains must be reduced in order to save on cost and to accomplish this, domain controllers will be implemented in every location to minimize on login process hence increasing company’s productivity.
Also, as mentioned earlier, RODCs are better options for establishments with branch offices that require fast, reliable and robust verifications and have security features that prevent implementation of domain controllers that are writeable (Microsoft, 2012).
Note that the Houston office site will host a primary Domain Controller with a corresponding Remote Access Server and the Frederick office site will host a Read-only Domain Controller with a corresponding Remote Access server.
* File and Storage Solutions
Windows Server 2012 addresses the need for storage solutions through its file and storage solutions. The platform introduces an improved storage virtualization which includes two concepts namely; storage pools and storage spaces. Storage pools are simply physical disk units that are combined together to enable cumulative storage, capacity expansion as well as assigned administration control whereas storage spaces are virtual disks that have a level of flexibility, a provisioning that is fixed/thin, an allocation of various storage media either automatic or controlled and also an administrative control.
Apart from the above file and storage solutions that come with the Windows Server 2012 operating system, there is another option that is applicable when there is involvement of a Wide Area Network and is an inbuilt Windows Server 2012 feature. This option is called BranchCache. A branchCache is a technology for optimizing bandwidth in a Wide Area Network. This technology is used to copy contents or resources from a main office and reserves it at the regional branch office sites, meaning users can access the contents or resources locally rather than on the Wide Area Network (Microsoft, 2014a).
It is important to note that not all contents or resources within the offices located at different locations can be accessed by anyone because of their sensitivity. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a level of restriction for shared contents or resources over the Wide Area Network. A control measure must be put in place such as a Domain-based Dynamic Access Control. This control permits administrators to set up and apply access control permissions, which are basically a set of well-defined rules. These rules define what resources are sensitive, the role of each user as well as devices that can be used to access the sensitive resources. Therefore, it is important to configure such control and the best part is the control is supported by Windows Server 2012.
* Disaster Recovery
A backup option is necessary in case a disaster arises. Therefore, Windows Server 2012 provides an inbuilt backup service called Windows Server Backup. The backup service can be initiated from the Server Manager dashboard under Add Roles and Features. It is advisable to at least have a hard disk, internal drives or USB Flash media dedicated for storing the scheduled backups. To be on safer side, I recommend backing up of data and other system contents in a regular basis using a command namely wbadmin then start systemstatebackup to start the system backup process.
In addition and based on WAI enterprise as a whole, it is recommended to use other methods of backing up of data such as cloud storage, especially if some of the resources need to be accessed by clients.
Also, Active Directory databases must be stored in separate volumes. Another option for backing up and storing data is using vol...
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