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Cybercrime Law, Incidents, Cybersecurity and Data Breaches (Essay Sample)


The Paper Needed me to explain why a cyber legal inquiry into an organization is essential, and What security professionals should follow.


Cyber Law Inquires and Incidents
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Cyber Law Inquires and Incidents
Cyberlaw regulates how people use internet technology such as computer hardware, software, and networks. The law carries out investigations to detect unacceptable behavior and prosecute any criminal activity to protect the users from harm such as theft and cyberbully. Since many people are using the internet, various cyber crimes are witnessed all the time – forgery, money laundering, fraud, piracy, and physical theft. Thus, a security professional needs a cyber legal inquiry into an organization to determine possible breaches of the law, the pitfalls and educate on the legal, accepted internet usage behavior. This paper explains why a cyber legal inquiry into an organization is essential, and that security professionals should follow.
Cyberlaw inquiry is essential to detect pitfalls that may get an organization into unnecessary litigation (Loukaka & A, 2019). The law prosecutes those who show unacceptable behavior, for example stealing intellectual property or committing fraud. Considering the Napster ruling, the court ruled in favor of the recording industry, stating that Napster encouraged users to share music that was not theirs, thus guilty of copyright infringement (Bartsch & K, 2017). The recording company sued Napster for stealing its intellectual property and unlawfully allowing others to distribute it.

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