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Developing a Budget for the Design of a Wireless Network System (Essay Sample)


Determine the specific requirements of the wireless network system, including coverage area, capacity, and performance levels.
Identify the scope of the project based on the needs assessment.
Network Architecture:
Decide on the network architecture, considering the number and types of access points, network switches, routers, and other hardware components required.
Determine whether the network will be cloud-based or on-premises.
Infrastructure Requirements:
Evaluate the existing infrastructure and budget for any necessary upgrades or modifications, such as electrical work or additional physical equipment.
Ensure proper integration of the wireless network system with the existing infrastructure.
Software and Licensing Costs:
Consider the costs associated with network management software, security software, and other software components required for monitoring and optimizing the network.
Include licensing fees in the budget for the software used in the wireless network system.
Installation and Configuration:
Budget for professional installation services, including labor costs for setting up and configuring hardware and software components.


Developing a budget for the designing of a wireless network system.
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Developing a budget for the designing of a wireless network system.
In the health sector, variables need to be managed effectively and efficiently, including human resources, physical assets, and medical supplies. Healthcare services aim to get the best out of their investment hence why we choose designing the wireless network project and involve it in the budget (Kiani, Azar & Bayat, 2021). This essay presents the essential factors of consideration in developing a wireless network system in a hospital.
For every project, budget is a vital aspect. According to Muhsin and Susilo (2018), hospital network projects have various aspects that should be considered when developing the budget for the wireless network system. To begin with, coverage is a major aspect of the budget of a wireless network system. In the case of a hospital, we do not require coverage in all areas but only specific areas, like the patient monitoring sector. Therefore, a hospital requires minimal coverage since installations are only needed in some areas. Therefore, the budgeting process has been considered and will 

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