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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Payments (Essay Sample)




FACTORS AFFECTING THE ADOPTION OF MOBILE PAYMENTSName:Course name:Submission date:Instructor name:


The growth of information technology has led to rapid growth in e-commerce. This enhancement is partly due to the usage of mobile devices in e-commerce. Mobile payments are the payment transactions executed using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; it involves retailers or merchants who receive the payments and customers who initiate the payments. Mobile payments as an emerging technology have attracted much attention recently, with many factors that can influence such innovation's adoption and non-adoption. This paper aims to examine the factors that can affect the adoption of mobile payments according to human behaviors. These factors are categorized in terms of ease of use, cost, trust, and the risks associated with mobile payment products.Ease of use of mobile payments. There is a strong relationship between perceived ease of use and service adoption (Mohd Nor, 2019). The ease of use is the degree to which a user finds using a particular system difficulty-free. Good usability alone is no guarantee of market success though; you can help users fall in love with it. Utilization of given technologies like mobile payments should be free from physical, emotional, and mental strain. Ease of use is directly proportional to the positive adoption of mobile payment technologies. A system with difficulties in user interactions and navigation to the system is unlikely to be adopted since the users will always have trouble interacting with the system. The ease of use covers ease of registration, ease to carry out transaction, errors easily reversible, and clear and helpful documentation. They consider the different categories of users, including the elderly, unskilled, and people with various disabilities. Perceived cost of mobile systems. T

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