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The Interaction: How The Computer World Has Impacted Human World (Essay Sample)


An essay that expounds on the interaction and usage of computers by human beings and how the computer world has impacted the human world.


Human Computer Interaction
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Human Computer Interaction
Human-computer interaction can be defined as an information processing activity that entails human interacting with technological devices including computers. When an individual decides to interact with a specific technological device, the user must have particular goals or sub-goals that they aim to achieve. Human-computer interaction shows the manner in which users interact with the system including the inputs and outputs. HCI comprises of three major parts including input mechanism, output mechanism, and navigation mechanism. Human-computer interaction is lately gaining significance because of various reasons. The primary reason is that approximately 55% of the current software utilizes user interface management, much user programming, and high user interactivity. A good HCI with an excellent user interface reduces high costs associated with interface challenges, high coding expenses, and serious, life-threatening activities. A good user interface also increases the number of products sold as well as the number of users.
User Interface economics
When the user interface is good systems sell highly for instance windows is a part of Macintosh interface while Mac interface forms part of Bravo. User interface capabilities and awareness help users get contracts.
Characteristics of a good HCI design
Different attributes make the user interface design excellent as outlined below;
In any given artifact, affordance implies that the user interface design can describe the operations the user can perform by making all the activities visible. An example of affordance in HCI is the visible buttons of a computer that indicates to the user that they need to be pressed for the operation to be successful.
The mapping functionality is significant as it showcases the relationship between the user operation and the action of the actual technology. A practical example of mapping is when the different fonts are presented in a defined form and shape to differentiate it from the others. Thus, a good interface design needs to exhibit good mapping.
Mental models
This can be defined as the obvious knowledge that the user has concerning the action of a specific technology hence having the knowledge that if a certain action is done what event is likely to follow.
Forcing functions
These are the designs that are aimed at prohibiting users from engaging in certain operations that may be inappropriate or may result in serious errors. An example of forcing action is for instance computers ‘menu bar which when inapplicable items are selected the

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