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Discussion Regarding Public, Private And Non Profit Agencies (Essay Sample)


Discussion regarding public, private and non-profit agencies.

Discuss changing roles of public, private and nonprofit agencies in addressing public problems.  
The fundamental human services old-age care, education, day care and health care are characterized by a range of organizational types. They are inhabited with an assortment of organizations that touch three types of ownership; public, private and nonprofit organizations. There is great difference and transformation within every fundamental ownership forms. Precisely, there has been an evident trend towards increased horizontal and vertical integration among nonprofit and forprofit organizations in entire human services, and concurrently at least a budding trend towards disintegration in the public organizations. The roles of the three agencies are changing due to privatization.
What difficulties might a public manager face in trying to implement management techniques borrowed from the private sector?  
In efforts to execute approaches borrowed from the private sectors, public managers face a lot of issues. Implementation of policies that are customer-based like they are in the private sector calls for transformation in prevailing organizational construction, closer client-supplier relations, and an empowered, self-driven employees, and improved measurement of outcomes while also ensuring that expenses do not increase. Also, it is not simple since almost all government agencies are nonprofit relying on public and private do...
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