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Litecoin and Ethereum’s Similarities and Differences (Essay Sample)


Blockchain was invented a few years ago, but many businesses are finding ways to integrate it into their businesses. Many people associate blockchain with Bitcoin. However, there are other uses of Blockchain such as money transfers, financial exchanges, securing of personal information. Describe a minimum of two cryptocurrencies and illustrate their similarities and differences.


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A Blockchain is an immutable, peer-to-peer, append-only, secure dispersed ledger that can be restructured only via bargain among peers. It is mainly linked with Bitcoin, but additional cryptocurrencies are linked with it. Cryptocurrencies can either fit into a decentralized or centralized system of blockchain. A group of individuals regulate the currency and promise its success in a centralized system. On the other hand, in a decentralized organization, each computer operates as a component independently with no approving organization. Every individual in a centralized structure goes by the regulation, while decentralized systems use anonymous trades with each individual in control and no one individual with sovereign authority (Chowdhury, 2019). Litecoin and Ethereum, which are also linked with Bitcoin, are outlined!
This decentralized software program allows the running and building of decentralized applications and intelligent agreements with; no control, interruption, fraud, or intrusion. Ethereum strives to establish a decentralized collection of

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