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Office of Personnel Management Data Breach (Essay Sample)


Research the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) incident announced in July 2015. Summarize the key aspects of the case and what key/critical pieces of data were found. Then using that information, I want you to analyze the case and detail some of the procedures that you would have implemented in the investigation. I want you to walk me through your procedures, search warrants you would request, and what evidence you would have collected, etc. You will find a document attached from the SANS Reading Room, that will help serve as a starting point for your investigation.


Office of Personnel Management Data Breach
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Office of Personnel Management Data Breach
A data breach involves a security violation of personal information. Hackers use private information at the disadvantage of the owners. Such actions can lead to legal and ethical issues in the affected organizations. The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is among the departments that have suffered a significant data violation. Examining the OPM data breach issue is crucial to understanding the evidence and procedures in investigating cybercrimes.
The United States office of personnel management reported one of the highest data breaches in 2015. Unidentified cyber criminals had illegally gained access to OPM's servers and interfered with the people's information. Investigations revealed that the attacks had started in 2013, but the responsible people had not taken action against the attacks ("CCDCOE", 2021). One of the strategies used by cybercriminals was using domains registered in the OPM servers. These servers allowed them to infiltrate the OPM systems without the organization becoming suspicious. In 2014, the OPM 

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