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Policy Statement and SharePoint Task (Essay Sample)

Policy Statement and SharePoint Task Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Course Code: Professor’s Name: Date: Policy Statement and SharePoint Task A policy statement is an organizational-level document that directs and gives guidance to acceptable methods or behavior. Alternatively, it is a policy that provides a process that should be followed to ensure successful operations in an organization. The approach is different from procedures or standards of operation because it is applied to every organizational entity and is primarily designed to provide a direction. Procedures and standards provide specific rules for achieving established tasks. This essay seeks to analyze the development of a policy statement for SharePoint® Server 2013 configuration. Elements of a Policy Statement * Types of information availed using SharePoint® Server 2013, especially App management and content databases * Licensing, copyright, and intellectual property determine the reason for providing services. * Engine access and data usage, in various ways, have transcendent the culture. SharePoint® Server 2013 policy statement configuration includes SharePoint Online and OneDrive management through Windows PowerShell console. Data that can be availed through the Internet * App Management Database An application uses this particular database for app management service (Plumley, 2021). Its primary function is to store application licenses and permissions downloaded or retrieved from the SharePoint Store or App catalog. * Content Database This database stores various types of content necessary for the site collection. This process includes; library documents, list data, website files, web part properties, and audit logs (Plumley, 2021). The database can be linked or connected to more than a single website collection. Global Political and Cultural Concerns for Sharing Services * Intellectual property and copyright This aspect makes the information copyrightable. It ensures that the users have the appropriate permission when using information with various copyright layers or owners. Documenting such type of information may be under copyright. * Licensing. Licensing involves acquiring documentation to indicate that a particular aspect is authorized. Information should be licensed based on different types of licenses. The type of license obtained for specific information determines its consumable ability by other scholars. Choices that Transcend Culture Today, people use data and access search engines in different techniques that have transcended culture. Data and information availability ensure that people, especially suppliers, partners, customers, employees, and other stakeholders, obtain data or information when they need it. Information availability refers to the infrastructural ability to operate following industry expectations across its defined operation duration. Data availability works with other specific factors, which boosts its credibility. The factors include; accessibility, timeliness, and reliability. Accessibility refers to providing access to data or information to the right user at the right time and place. Timeliness is an aspect that ensures data is accessed at an accurate time. Reliability refers to the components' ability to operate without failure during defined circumstances or conditions. An Example of using Ethical Stance in SharePoint Server 2013 Administration Sensitive data is essential information that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. Restrictions should be made when accessing such information by establishing valuable data and information security practices to prevent information breaches or unauthorized access. Organizations must secure sensitive data and information for various reason...
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