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Sexual Harassments in the Workplace and The Use of Licensing and Exporting (Essay Sample)


These are two completely unrelated case studies that i need done separately. Each question should be answered separately with intext citations that are done in APA 7th edition format. Each case study needs 400 words minimum, so for example, if there are two questions in it, you could answer them with 200 words each. Please use a different source for each question (not each case study but each individual question) and please use reputable ones. please include the sources in APA format at the bottom of each case study. please number the answers. MINI CASE chapter 11: THE EXPANSION OF GLOBAL SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWS Some may be surprised to know that the implementation of laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace is relatively recent, beginning with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the United States. The global workplace has followed with many countries writing similar sexual harassment provisions into the law. Recently, global protection from sexual harassment has evolved dramatically. Over the past two years, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam have all passed provisions to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. Just this year, Israel expanded its sexual harassment law to include photographs, film, or recordings published without consent. Japan passed legislation to provide counseling to victims of sexual harassment. Singapore has gone as far as to criminalize the act of sexual harassment through the Protection from Harassment Act of 2014


MANA 1301 Chapters 11 and 12 Case Studies
Institutional Affiliation
MANA 1301 Chapters 11 and 12 Case Studies
Chapter 11
Question 1
As long as men and women are working in the same workplace, sexual harassment will always try to happen at one point in time. Nevertheless, countries all over the world are coming up with strict laws and regulations that prevent this vice from happening. Laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace have not existed for many years with the most notable legislation being contained in the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the United States (Dobbin & Kalev, 2020). 

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