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Report on Identity, Access, and Management (Essay Sample)


The paper explains about Identity and access management (IAM)
Importance of IAM .
Recommendations on the best security systems that an organization can use.
Recent IAM Technology
Identity and management technologies functions include; enforcing security policies, password management, monitoring the activities, and reporting


Report on Identity, Access, and Management (IAM)
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Report on Identity, Access, and Management (IAM)
Executive summary
The Identify and access management (IAM) over years has been mainly focusing on managing and controlling information technology for user needs enterprises. As technology changes, different technologies including cloud, social networks, etc. Identity management has become something to focus on as many enterprises and organizations are struggling how to maintain it at higher levels.IAM technology has been built such that it meets the user needs that involve, monitoring and user authentication.
Identity and access management (IAM) refers to the process of defining and the management of the roles and privileges given to a network user. IAM defines the circumstances that the users are given certain privileges. Identity and access management (IAM) primary objective are to define one digital identity per single individual. Pone the establishment of the digital identity, it must be maintained, modified further, and monitored as the users of the system use it throughout the access period. IAM aims the main goal is to give access to the intended enterprise, to grant aces to an authentic user from the start of the user access and login throughout the user session to the time the user logs out of the system after finishing his business within the system. (Thomas, Andy &Bob, 2009). Identity and access management (IAM) provides the system administrator with the required tools and technologies that can easily help him change user roles and monitor every activity of the user. The administrator can be able to create reports on user activities and also enforce certain policies. It provides a way in which user access across the entire enterprise can be administered to ensure that policies of the organization and the government policies are adhered to.
Over the years, identity management consisted of four-element; a directory that constituted personal information used for defining users; tools that are used for modifying, adding, and deleting data in the system; a user access regulator(used for security purposes); and a report auditor. User access has been regulated using various forms that included passwords, smart cards. Smart cards have integrated chips that act as microcontrollers or an equal intelligence that has internal memory. later on in the year 2005, new technology constituting software that could be put in any device with storage capability was introduced (Thinh, Shaun, Timothy & Mehrzad, 2008). Today, so many innovations have continued to grow in the computer environment. The improvement in terms of security, connectivity, and devices has taken a milestone. Today's technology uses biometrics for security purposes, artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken the center stage. The new technology involving user authentication is more efficient in protecting identities.
The Identity and access management system has various benefits when it comes to the security of the system. It offers valuable advantages in several ways. Granting access of the organization's system to the outside users may require a tight and secure process. Granting your enterprise customers, contractors, employees, and other staff helps increase efficiency and lower the cost of operation. IAM can allow an enterprise to extend the access of its information system to various platforms and still being able to maintain its security standards. Granting outside access can contribute to collaboration in the organization and contribute positively towards the goal of the organization. Identity management reduces the bulk of work that would exist in the support team department regarding issues with password recovery and resetting. The IAM gives the system administrators to automatically deal with issues regarding password resetting and others.
The Identity management system can be set to work depending on the policies of the organization. It will specifically follow the rules assigned to it and know the people that have been granted access to it and to what extent each person can use the system. This is very helpful when it comes to data handling; creation, modification, storage, and use. IAM system can upgrade the security by providing the required tools for implementing comprehensive security and policies. (Martin, Johannes & Martin, 2005).

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