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Role of Computer Cookies in Marketing (Essay Sample)


The question was about giving a brief introduction of cookies and explainig different types of cookies. Explain the difference between lifetime cookies and lock-in cookie and the relationship between cookies and affiliate marketing also explain how large corporation like amazon utilize the new technology in affiliate marketing


BUS 211: Chapter 4 Essay
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BUS 211: Chapter 4 Essay
Question 2
When trying to comprehend the role of cookies in marketing, it is essential to define what they are; cookies are tiny files stored in a person's (user) computer to retain a small amount of information specific to that particular client and website (Shawn, 2007). With affiliate marketing, cookies are vital for validating, monitoring, and storing detailed client information, including their preferred visit cites and the items in their online shopping carts.
This tracking procedure is critical in affiliate marketing since it enables merchants to grant the right affiliate the perfect commission, which is achieved by sending potential customers to a website to complete their desired action (Shawn, 2007). Affiliate marketing would still exist without the use of cookies since there are several means of validating and monitoring affiliate sales. At the same time, leveraging affiliate marketing without the use of cookies would provide a variety of tracking possibilities for data collection.
Question 4
The difference between the two cookies is primarily linked to the duration of functionality. The lifetime cookie lacks a date of expiry, meaning that the cookie will still function in validating and tracking the users as much as the user allows it. In contrast, the lock-in cookie depends on a timely first serve basis; the reward, which is the commission for the initial affiliate to market n organization's goods, is locked in for 

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