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Threats in OSI Model Research Any Type Of Security (Essay Sample)


Threats in OSI Model


Threats in OSI Model
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Threats in OSI Model
When OSI model was introduced, there was no thinking of any type of security. Hence, there is no security in the OSI model and to be fair, there wasn't in the TCP/IP model either. Here are threats in each security layer of OSI Model.
1.The Physical Layer
Security in the physical layer has a threat due to accidental or malicious intent or environmental factors like power surges (Finjan Team). Attackers mostly target to stop network signals by switching off a piece of network equipment.
2.The Data Link Layer
It makes attempts to pass virtual Local Area Network or VLAN security protocols or MAC addresses which are its usual weakness as a layer. In other case frame headers are used to overflow non-switched segments and then through them network band width is used.
3.The Network Layer
Content coming from malicious sources is re-organized by attackers in such a way that it looks like coming from authentic sources and gets access to the network.
4.The Transport Layer
SYN attack is common term used for transport layer. In this attack SYN packets are charged to overflow memory requirements that makes receiving device unavailable.
5.The Session Layer
Since it creates and terminates connections, attempts are made to access it and if authentication protocols are weak then they are resulted into successful ones. Timers should be placed to limit number of attempts that may be made to establish a session (Finjan Team).
6.The Presentation Layer
Malicious inputs are made during conversion of data that might lead to system crashes or exploits
7.Application Layer Attack
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