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The Use of ICT to Alleviate Mental Health Problems in The Society (Essay Sample)


Create and describe an informatics tool for your organization, that can be used to alleviate a specific health problem in the society


The Use of ICT to Alleviate Mental Health Problems in The Society
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The Use of ICT to Alleviate Mental Health Problems in The Society
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are essential in solving and alleviating a wide variety of health-related problems. For instance, ICT can be used in e-learning platforms for preventive education, information dissemination as well as self-care, and follow-up. This proposal will delve into the use of ICT as a tool for mental health (Lal, 2019).
Mental health problems can be categorized into various groups and these groups include anxiety disorders, depression, substance-related problems, personality disorders, and psychosis. The most prevalent of these mental health forms are depression and anxiety disorders. Along with depression, anxiety can affect a large percentage of the people in society. Anxiety is a state of excessive fear, nervousness, or worries about an immediate future event or situation.
Informatics Tool Description
To alleviate the burden of mental health problems in society, there is a need to have an effective and efficient application of ICTs. The proposed system has three modules;
Active patient monitoring module: To manage a patient, there will an active management module in which the device collects the vital signs, records the pressure level on the heart muscle, records any abnormal heart activities or arrhythmia as well as monitors breathing patterns in patients. This information is sent to a centralized server for analysis.
Personalized therapeutic module: The information processed by the server is used to develop a tailored therapeutic program for the patient. The information can be used to create an online therapeutic program for self-care. The patient can also interact with health professionals who have specialized insight on the pathogenesis of the disease as well as the treatment modalities involved. Classes are also conducted regularly to educate patients on adopting healthy lifestyles and measures for self-care.
System-wide monitoring module: Using data collected by the other modules, the system can detect deviations from normal levels in patients as well as tracks the health status of the patient. The system can be activated at any time by a health care professional in case of an emergency situation.
This proposed system will be implemented in different settings including hospitals, clinics, and homes. There are many stakeholders involved in this implementation and these include patients, doctors and other health professionals, hospitals, business owners (manufacturers of the devices), managers of the healthcare services facility, manufacturers of ICT devices such as smartphones and computers.

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