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IT Communication Strategy in Conflict Management (Essay Sample)


IT Communication Strategy in Conflict Management


Student Name.
Prof Livingstone.
10 May 2021
IT Communication Strategy in Conflict Management
The modern world is increasingly utilizing IT to work. However, it is commonly used in communication among people. These IT forms include the internet, mobile phones, and social media. Therefore, IT can be applied in conflict management as a communication strategy (McKibben & Laurie, 100-103). This article purposes on using ICT’s strategy to manage and promote peacebuilding and stabilization.
ICT forms such as email can assist in gathering vast amounts of information about conflict and peace, which can be applied in tracking violence and its causes. There are comprehensive evaluations used by organizations to prevent conflicts, such as information and positive messaging through emails (Lee & Joyce et al., 318-339). It is evident that policy-makers in modern organizations occur in uncertainty, flux, unpredictability, and variation. Emailing is the most used form of communication technology in most organizations. Emails can either be send up or down the rank as official as well as informal communication. Proper interactive and transparent policies implemented wherever can be well communicated through emails. They 

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