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The Process of Computer Forensics Examination (Essay Sample)


Computer forensics


Computer Forensics
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      Computer forensics is a part of digital forensics science involving the prove obtained in computers and digital storing media. Computer forensics aims to scrutinize digital means in a forensically way to recognize, maintain, recovering, examining and presenting realities and thoughts about digital information (Maras, 2015). Though it is mainly linked to computer misconduct investigation, computer forensics can also be applied in a legal proceeding. The science includes analogous methods and opinions to data retrieval and other practices and guidelines formulated to generate a lawful audit trajectory. Proof from computer forensics examinations is typically exposed to similar policies and procedures as further digital proof (Montasari et al., 2015). It had been applied in numerous high-profile instances and is turning out to be widely putative.
      In the 1980s, consumers could now access personal computers, which brought criminal activities to arise. Numerous fresh computer misconducts were known at the time. Computer forensics developed to retrieve and examine cogent digital evidence for usage in the law court. However, computer misconduct has grown since that time (Sadiku et al., 2017). Computer forensics is currently investigating many misconducts like teen pornography, assault, assassination, and fraud. It is also applied in legal proceedings as a procedure for gathering info. Forensic techniques and specialist knowledge explain the present situation of a digital object, for example, a computer system, automated text, or storing device. Its scope can differ from easy info recovery to recreating a sequence of proceedings. When used as evidence, it is subject to the normal necessities of digital proof (Cho, 2015). Thus, information must be accurate, dependably gotten, and tolerable. However, each country has its procedures and customs for proof retrieval. 
Forensic Process
      Computer forensic examinations usually trail the typical digital forensic procedure or stages: acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting. Examinations are preferred to be executed on static data (Sadiku et al., 2017). This is an improvement since lack of expertise equipment led to examiners working on live data. Several methods are used throughout the probes and should be recorded on most methods used by law execution in specific. 
      Cross-drive analysis is a method that involves correlating info obtained on several hard drives. The procedure can help recognize social networks and execute anomaly discovery. The live analysis involves scrutinizing computers from inside the operating system by means of norm forensics or available sysadmin equipment to obtain proof. The procedure is utilized when encoding file systems, like when encoding keys can be garnered. In several examples, the hard drive can be pictured before the computer is shut down (Ramadhani et al., 2017). Recovery of erased files is a popular method used in computer forensics. Modern software is equipped to retrieve or carve out erased data. Most file systems and operating systems do not permanently delete actual file data, allow examiners to recover it from real disk segments. File sculpting is exploring recognized file headers inside the disk picture and recreating erased material. Stochastic forensics is a technique that utilizes stochastic features of the computer system to explore events missing digital objects. It is mainly used to analyze data burglary. Steganography is a method used to cover data inside a picture or digital image (Halboob et al., 2015). For instance, hiding pornographic images of children that a given criminal does not want to have recovered. To control this, computer forensic specialists could look at the hash of the file and compare it to the initial picture if the pictures emerge alike after visu

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