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Functions of the Application Layer of Computer Network (Essay Sample)


brief description of how the application layer of a computer network functions


The Application Layer
The application layer is responsible for finding the network resources broadcast from a server and adding flow control and error control if the application developer chooses. For instance, application layer can be described as the abstraction layer whereby shared communications protocols and interface methods employed by hosts in a communications network is specified. This layer is compatible in either of the computer’s networking standard models which include Internet Protocol Suite and the OSI model. Generally, application layer is assigned a number of activities. It facilitates the operator to use the facilities of the networking, employed in developing network related applications, it offers operator facilities such as user login, naming network accessories, configuring communications, and e-mails and files transmission. Application layer also deals with error and messages retrieval.
Many of the network applications offer communication services via innovativeness networks but for present-day and imminent internet uses. There is a high growing need of reaching beyond the limitations of present physical networking. An effective data transfer method is adapting the data into standard form before transmitting it. The application layer is therefore responsible for determining and initiating the availability of the intended communication partner and defining if sufficient resources for the intended communication exists. The user borders with the computer at the application layer. Even though computer applications s

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