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Vulnerability Report IT & Computer Science Essay Paper (Essay Sample)




Vulnerability Report
Student Name
Institution Affiliation
Prompt: ABC Manufacturing
ABC manufacturing has hired me to identify security vulnerabilities, provie recommendations and implement approved changes. I have been provided with access to the company’s server networking environment. Nonetheless, after opening the server, the technician was not familiar with the firewall appliance and thus may have made a mistake by opening more ports than necessary.
In this report, I will identify parts of the network that need to be examined and assess these areas suing risk criteria. After identifying risks and threats, I will provide recommendations to address these issues, prioritize the strategies and explain the rationale behind the same.
Network Security Assessment
Upon analyzing the firewall for threats and open/unused ports exposed to the public, there exists many. An analysis using NMAP from an external machine showed that the following ports were open: 21 ftp, 23 telnet, 25 smtp, 80 http, 110 pop3, 443 https, 1099 rmiregistry, 3306 mysql, 3389 ms-wbt-server, 5432 postgresql, and 8180 unknown (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Open Ports on Firewall from External Scan
Virtual Machine
The threats to the host machines included in this are Remote Desktop (port 3389) as well as 2 database ports (3306 MySQL & 5432 PostGreSQL). Many other ports are open on the host machines which could be compromised if an intruder were able to gain access to the internal network. Specifically, the Windows 10 Client had many, many open and unused ports which can be compromised (see Figure 2).
Figure 2. Windows 10 Client Open Ports

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